About Natalie

Natalie is currently recording a new EP set for Summer 2016 Release. Stay Tuned!


A velvet voice that spans four octaves and melodic jazz/pop piano playing combine like alchemy to give you the dynamo musician, lyricist and composer that is Natalie Riccio.
Her storytelling lyrics could easily stand alone as powerful poetry and her vocals have the purity and powerhouse “stop you in your tracks” tone of a young Barbra Streisand mixed with the warmth and sultriness of Diana Krall or Annie Lennox.  Her poetic compositions have been called on par to that of Joni Mitchell, Leonard Cohen and the late Laura Nyro. Using the time-tested methods of folk and jazz balladeering, Riccio fuses both traditions, transcending the supermarket drone of the millennial singer-songwriter format and creating a modern harmonic and emotional experience all her own.

Riccio’s debut release, 2008’s Carbon Cocktail, was recorded at Grammy Award-winning engineer Paul Avgerino’s Unicorn Studios in Redding, CT. Riccio and her itinerate bandmates cut the tracks live, following true jazz tradition, a majority in one, single take. A track off the album, “Show You My Love,” found its way into an “infamous short film” which was then seen and heard 100‘s of millions of times over the internet, giving Natalie a sudden cult following, 100’s of thousand’s of views on Youtube, and exploding sale’s of the single and the album. 

In 2011, Riccio returned to the studio to work with Allman Brothers Band life-long recording engineer Jim Hawkins’ at his Studio 1093 in Athens, GA, with additional recording and mixing by Bryce Goggin (Phish, Joan as Police Woman) in Brooklyn, NY. In 2012, these recordings became a demo album of 12 tracks which are now known as the “Red Ball Rising” sessions.

Subsequent touring, collaborations with various NYC artists and additional recording helped garner Riccio more praise and exposure, all leading to a long-awaited followup project, “Nights On Fire” which is currently set for a Summer 2016 release. 

The execution of each song that Riccio offers is the result of her meticulous and purposeful craft. She follows the blueprint of her admired luminaries, artists that thrive on perfecting their craft behind the scenes, carefully etching their way into the American psyche….and ultimately onto the world stage.  That being said, the time has never been as ripe for Riccio to unveil her poignant tales for the human heart.


“I love Natalie’s narrative lyrical style…like Joni Mitchell’s ‘The Hissing of Summer Lawns’…” -DEREK SIVERS, Creator of CdBaby.com

“…She [Riccio] is able to say more with humming than most singers can say with words…She possesses an innate ability to create a mood… “reminiscent of a young Barbra Streisand.”  — The Charlotte Sun, Sandy Cooperman

“She is a rare find in an industry bathing in the merits of glitzy production value. And if anything could be delivered with more certainty, it’s that Riccio’s career will outlast her own expectations as long as she continues to deliver songs with such heartfelt poise and honesty.”   

– RMonK, Sputnik Music & Revolving Doors LLC